DECC announce £8m boost for community renewable heat

The second phase of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme, which gives money off renewable heat technologies such as solar thermal panels and ground source heat pumps, has been announced. DECC revealed that £8m will be made available to encourage community groups to install renewable heating through a competitive community grants scheme. Details of the scheme are limited at the moment but more information should be available from DECC in the next few weeks. Keep checking the Local United Website for further updates.

The £8m fund for communities sits alongside the existing voucher scheme which is aimed mainly at homes not heated by mains gas, in Great Britain this equates to approximately 4 million homes. These homes usually have to rely on higher carbon forms of heating which tend to be more expensive than mains gas. Additionally there will be a £10m competition for social landlords.

To find out more please see the DECC website.

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