Best Water Pipes

Glass Bong

A Glass Bong is a glass piece usually meant for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or some other substances.

In function and construction, a bong is very similar to a hookah, except it is smaller and portable. A bong may be made from any air and watertight vas by providing it with a screened bowl and stem apparatus which guides the air downwards and below water level where it bubbles upwards during use. To get more fresh air into the bong and then harvest the last of remaining smoke, a hole known as the “choke” or “shoddy”, “carburettor”, “carb”, at the lower part of the bong above the water level is first kept covered while the “toke” is then opened. Check bongs-plaza. For information on the construction.

Bong is a word adaptation of the Thai word “baung”, that is a cylindrical wooden pipe, tube or container cut from bamboo and which is also referred to the bong used for smoking. Bongs have been in use for centuries by the Hmong, in Laos and Thailand. One of the earliest uses of the word in the West is in the McFarland Thai-English Dictionary of 1944, which described the meaning of bong in the Thai language as a bamboo water pipe for smoking kancha, hashish, tree or the hemp-plant.

Check bongs-plaza for information on what all can be smoked in a bong. The reason behind the usage of a bong is the idea that the cooling effect of the water reduces the chances of burning the mouth, lungs and the airways. Thus many also claim that using a bong to smoke is far safer than direct smoking. The water traps some heavier particles and also water-soluble molecules, thus stopping them from entering the smoker’s airways canal. Therefore the dynamics of a bong function closely to that of a laboratory gas washing bottle.